Flat sandals: features and ways for combinations

Sandals are the favorite shoes of millions of girls and it's clear: in the summer, flat sandals are absolutely irreplaceable, they perfectly combine with all kinds of summer clothes, and the range in stores goes crazy. Beautiful gait, tight legs, a harmonious and complete image - all this can be the merits of a well-selected pair of shoes, the sole of which makes you feel comfortable. With flat sandals, the so-called "Greek" sandals and thin straps, light, airy dresses, frivolous shorts, and skirts go perfectly; in that case both maxi and mini lengths look great. These kits are incredibly comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Sometimes women want to remove shoes with heels so quickly and change them on something comfortable, but no less stylish than their favorite shoes. To help tired legs manufacturers presented flat sandals. So, considering the question of what to wear with the sandals on a flat sole, it is important to remember that this shoe will help to create a lot of brilliant looks.

Flat sandals: features and ways for combinations

Variants for combinations

1. Look with the floor-length skirt. There is no girl who can reject such an image which is described with the help of such words as feminine silhouette, elegance, and sophistication. Of course, there should be a major emphasis on the waistline. It can be emphasized with a contrast belt. A special look is the combination of flat sandals and a high-waisted skirt.

2. Jeans or trousers. To look stylish and simply women should add fashionable elements to their looks. Thus, the bottom of jeans or trousers can be rolled up to the ankle, thereby demonstrating to the world their new flat sandals. As for the styles of clothes, skinny jeans or "boyfriends", so popular in this season, are appropriate. Trousers should be straight and even fitting, but not flared at all.

Flat sandals: features and ways for combinations

3. Shorts. Sandals on the cork or rubber soles are equally fashionable while combining with mini shorts. Do not ignore the shorts with a high waist, which, by the way, look perfect on those women who need to shorten the length of the body visually.

4. Overalls. Dressings that are gaining more and more popularity with a bright print can be worn in combination with flat sandals. Of course, we are not talking about the model "gladiators." Speaking about the colors of shoes, it is desirable to give preference to neutral shades. The most universal color is beige.

5. Dresses. If you want to boast slender legs, then stylists recommend trying on flat sandals with midi dresses. This shoe accessory looks perfect with a tunic dress.

Flat sandals: features and ways for combinations

Special features

Lightweight and practical women's flat sandals differ in concise design and have high functionality. Such shoes are worn everywhere because they are comfortable. With the help of flat shoe designs, magnificent looks are created.

Women can wear sandals for a walk, party, work, study, in a cafe or to the cinema. Being simple at first glance, shoes can drastically change the style and transform the appearance. A variety of shapes and colors allows girls to choose the perfect pair, which harmoniously fits into the image and will be the main focus of female individuality. Young ladies prefer flat sandals with lacing, which draw attention to slender legs, give romance and sexuality to their appearance.

For festive events, suede shoes with a pointed toe and a closed heel, decorated with flowers, rhinestones or sequins, are appropriate. Leather products of the original format, including a variety of decorative elements based on metal, textiles, and wood, add originality to the girl’s look and emphasize the inimitability of the female image.