Heel sandals: history and fashion tendencies

Perhaps, every modern girl can find in the closet more than one pair of shoes. Every summer, the world of high fashion dictates to us its new trends and rules. However, some of them remain unchanged over time. In the summer season, it is simply impossible to do without heel sandals. Ladies appreciated such an attribute of a summer wardrobe. This is not strange, because with the heel sandals the foot will feel comfortable. They combine convenience and elegance at the same time. Prototypes of such sandals appeared in ancient Greece. They were worn by the actors to appear higher and could be seen even from the far ranks.

It is difficult to imagine a woman who has never worn heel sandals at least once in her life. These shoes cannot always be called comfortable to wear, but its purpose is to draw attention to the seductively open foot.

Heel sandals: history and fashion tendencies

A few historical facts

It is noteworthy that in ancient times only noblemen wore shoes with heels that really needed to rise above the crowd. In such a way, they emphasized their high social status. In the XIV century fashion on the heels firmly entrenched in Europe for three reasons. First, such shoes allowed securely fixing the foot during riding. The second reason was that these sandals were convenient for movement on the streets, which at that time drowned in mud. And, finally, heeled shoes became an integral part of the nobility’s wardrobe and turned into a kind of symbol of power.

In the middle of the 20th century, a sensation occurred in a shoe fashion. A legendary spike was invented. Officially, its creator is Salvatore Ferragamo, who proposed a long steel spike as a support for the heel. However, there are two more persons claiming this invention: Roger Vivier and Raymond Massaro. The first made shoes with high thin heels for Elizabeth II, the second created a magnificent model, covered with rhinestones, for the performance of Marlene Dietrich.

Heel sandals: history and fashion tendencies

What is it said about the love for heel sandals? Why do girls like high-heeled shoes? The answer is simple: it makes a feeling like a queen. Putting on beautiful shoes or sandals on a heel, we change our walk; straighten our shoulders, become a few centimeters higher.

In addition, open heel sandals allow women to demonstrate perfectly smooth heels and flawless pedicure. Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love heels too much, and they even get home slippers on the heels. As a result, often at the end of the working day, young girls and women feel that their legs are tired. They come home with legs buzzing from constant walking in shoes on a thin heel, with ankles and fingers worn in blood from the straps. But, as they say in a well-known expression, beauty requires victims. It also should be said that it is the image from the past. Today’s sandals are much more comfortable, and women feel only happiness wearing them.

Heel sandals: history and fashion tendencies

Heel sandals: fashion trends

Fashion trends in recent years are unambiguous. It means that the heel will never be out of fashion! Modern designer sandals collections eloquently illustrate this fact. At the same time, designers, relying on main trends, tried to combine comfort and style in their models as much as possible. Thus, choosing sandals with heels, women will not have to sacrifice either comfort or elegance.

Under the heel is commonly understood not only the spike. It can be a steady heel brick, and a column, and a cone, and a wedge. A very well-integrated and separate platform with a sub-toe part that perfectly maintains the style is very popular. Heel height can be different. It varies from 2 centimeters and above.