Lace-up sandals: what are they and how to choose?

One of the symbols of freshness and comfort for women is lace up sandals. Like any type of footwear, these sandals are different in patterns, colors, and shapes. Lace up sandals appeared many years ago, at least since ancient Greece and Rome. This type of footwear has become especially popular lately and is worthy of competition with sneakers and flip flops. Because the lace up sandals provide unobstructed air circulation, feet do not sweat and are not as tired as in closed shoes. In addition to comfort and coziness, the sandals have a stylish and beautiful appearance and give a great opportunity for ladies to look fashionable and demonstrate a neat pedicure.

Lace-up sandals are a very stylish and fashionable element of the female image. It is important to remember that such shoes look quite pretentious because it has certain age restrictions. To create the most harmonious image, it is important to consider the basic recommendations of stylists. So, what to wear with such kind of shoes?

Lace-up sandals: what are they and how to choose?

Such sandals can have different execution. They may be made high-heeled. If you want to feel more comfortable, you should choose models on the platform or models without a heel.

Lacing can be different. It can be long and short, noticeable or not. The weave on the shoe is also different. It can be a cascade of transverse lines or remind drops. The models with crosswise laces look equally well.

Many designers offer leather or suede sandals with lacing around the legs. They are made in powder or pastel colors. Such items fit perfectly with casual images. However, it is quite possible to combine with evening dresses. Suede models, made in pastel colors, look very respectable. Such sandals help to show people the impeccable taste and emphasize their status.

Lace-up sandals: what are they and how to choose?

How to choose?

To choose the right lace-up sandals, you need to follow such recommendations:

• high sandals, complemented by lacing, are suitable only for women with beautiful and slender legs. If the parameters of the figure are not ideal, it isn’t the best choice. In such a situation, lace-up sandals only emphasize all the shortcomings, making the silhouette shorter;

• models with ankle lacing are perfect for all girls. However, in this case, it is very important to choose the right item. It must be taking into account that lacing should not crash into the leg. If you violate this rule, there is a risk of ugly puffiness. It is important to choose models with laces or wide ribbons that do not overtighten the legs. They look very impressive;

Lace-up sandals: what are they and how to choose?

• choosing lace-up sandals for women, you should take into account the peculiarities of the color range. The more contrasting lacing, the greater the likelihood of visual separation of the legs. As a result, visually they may seem to be shorter. That is why the stylists advise choosing neutral beige solutions that most closely match the skin color;

• in hot weather, you should choose sandals with flat soles. This will help to avoid leg fatigue. It is important to bear in mind that if there is a heel on such models there is a risk of high pressure on the feet. This will cause the rapid appearance of tired legs.

So it should be added that all models are so modern, stylish and perfect for the hot summer and completing the image of the fashionable girl.