Leather sandals: history, kinds, and matchings

Summer leather sandals maximize women’s feet and provide comfort when walking in the hottest period of the year, so they must be made of quality material. They easily adapt to the foot, do not deform, and withstand constant bending and stretching. Leather is a common material that is used in the manufacture of sandals. Stylish and sophisticated - they sit perfectly on the leg and look original. The world manufacturers, providing customers with the best quality products with a guarantee, use quality leather and follow fashion.

Leather sandals are considered to be summer open shoes that are worn on the bare feet. In this case, the foot and ankle are not closed completely. Very often women's sandals are confused with other kinds of summer shoes, but there is a difference. Women's leather sandals can be easily distinguished by the top of the shoe. It necessarily consists of straps. Women's leather sandals are much more diverse. The choice is too wide for women all over the world.

Leather sandals: history, kinds, and matchings


Progenitors of modern leather sandals were made in ancient Egypt. Walking barefoot on the hot sand was impossible. There was also an opinion that it was extremely unpleasant. People made shoes from the available material. It was papyrus. Such sandals were distinguished by extraordinary ease. Rich ladies decorated their papyrus sandals with jewels.

Other peoples and cultures also had their sandals. They differed with local materials (leather ribbons, wood) and form.

Back in fashion in the early 20th century, women's summer leather sandals attracted the attention of Salvatore Ferragamo. He created his creation from transparent nylon threads and left the wooden heel. This model has not left the podium for a long time.

Leather sandals: history, kinds, and matchings

Kinds of women’ leather sandals

Today it is so difficult to find a girl's wardrobe without sandals, especially leather ones. It means that the material is the best. However, pairs of sandals have to be chosen from a variety of options. They can be:

• on a tractor sole;

• on platform or wedge;

• on thick heels;

• on low heels;

• on the flat sole.

Today the market is full of different models, which can be chosen by women in different countries. Today’s designers make the classical models, as well as new ones. That is why young girls, teenagers, ladies, and women can find something for their business images, summer holiday, special event and everyday life.

Leather sandals: history, kinds, and matchings

Actual matchings

Leather sandals are combined with anything. The main thing is to choose the right model. Summer bright wedge sandals are in perfect harmony with light dresses, skirts of various lengths. The girl or woman can complete her image, using the stylish and modern model of summer shoes.

Suede elegant couple of sandals with elegant heels will be the complement for the perfect evening dress. The floor-length dress and the leather sandals on the spikes are a classic Hollywood look for a special event. High heels also look great with all kinds of trousers and even breeches. Comfortable leather sandals without a heel are a great choice for the summer for travel, resorts, walking in the city.

Comfortable models on a steady heel will fit into the business image of the modern businesswoman.

Fashionable tractor soles look good with shorts, jeans, and with short dresses. Leather sandals are selected for women, taking into account the summer wardrobe. First of all, women's shoes should be matched in color with clothing and accessories. It is necessary to focus not only on popular shades but also trend combinations.