Platform sandals: comfort and perfect women’s look

Summer is about adventures and traveling with friends. Even if you work, it is time to inspire new accomplishments. Most girls and women look forward to showing off their wardrobe. After all, seductive skirts, blouses or dresses are carefully prepared for sunbathing. Sandals on the platform occupy an important place in the ensemble. The interlacing of the straps, the comfortable sole will make every exit into the world a fairy. Young ladies will definitely be in the spotlight if they carefully consider the combination of shoes and clothing. Be charming and put platform sandals on, and also learn how to blend them in harmony with your favorite outfits.

Sandals are comfortable summer shoe, which has a slightly rough look. As a rule, these products have a closed heel or something in this area and a flat sole. The new fashion trend is sandals on a low, absolutely flat platform.

Platform sandals: comfort and perfect women’s look

Women’s sandals are known from ancient times. The first products of this kind were made of straw and twigs, a little bit later they were made from leather. The sandals fastened on the foot with a few straps and had a closed heel. An important feature of the shoe is its versatility. Sandals were worn by women and men.

Today some sandal models also differ solely in size. These include summer shoes for open-air activities. Other models are suitable only for women. These sandals are made of various materials, have a bright color, and interesting decor. In the new season, the designers added practical and comfortable shoes with a completely flat platform of average height (about 3-6 cm).

Platform sandals can be made of textiles, leather, suede and even plastic. The main, eye-catching, element is the rise. Most often it is made of polyurethane, cork or rubber. Braid cords, sequins, rhinestones, and other decoration elements are used as decor.

Platform sandals: comfort and perfect women’s look

With what clothes do platform sandals combine?

Sandals on the platform have a specific look. Shoes, regardless of materials, look rude and not very feminine. However, the original appearance is compensated for maximum convenience and comfort. In sandals on the platform, women and girls can safely go on an excursion or go shopping all day.

Choosing clothes for sandals on the platform, the women should be very careful. The best company for such shoes will be tight trousers and close-fitting breeches. Also the jeans ‘boyfriends’ fit great.

The main thing is to tuck up the trousers slightly. It will be great to wear a simple top or a t-shirt with a pattern. “If the weather is cold, stylists recommend the girls to wear jackets.

Short are also perfectly combined with sandals on the platform. The tandem of rudeness and sexuality will make the image the woman very showy and unusual. The best ideas will be putting on a wide top, one corner of which should be tucked.

If the platform of the sandals has a woven facing, the women should use a hat which is made of similar material. Also, do not forget about sunglasses and massive wooden / leather bracelets.

Sandals on the platform can be worn with a skirt. The best option, in this case, is a short straight model of thick cotton or jeans. Stylists say that it will be nice to combine the skirt with a T-shirt and a vest or a short-sleeved shirt.

Platform sandals: comfort and perfect women’s look

Platform sandals will look good in combination with short beach tunics. Midi and maxi skirts, combining with the platform sandals, still raise some questions. Such a combination may look awkward.

By the way, such shoes are appropriate not only for vacation but also for business and work. In addition, despite the age, all girls and women can choose such sandals. They bring comfort, even if they are worn daily, and don’t make the legs tired.