Wedge sandals: advantages and modern tendencies

Designers try to surprise their customers every year, so they make sandals with unusual platforms. The material for creating a wedge can be tube, rubber, plastic. The top of the wedge sandals can be made of leather or fabric straps, ropes. To create a festive look, designers add accessories such as rhinestones, stones, beads, sequins, and ribbons. Every girl should know that such sandals cannot be combined with all the outfits. The wedge will look great in combination with the gorgeous wide skirts. The length of the outfit can be midi or maxi. If you decide to wear such sandals with shorts, a mini skirt, tight jeans or trousers, then the upper part of the outfit should look voluminous.

Today a huge amount of shoes on the wedge is produced. It is comfortable and practical. It is enough only to choose women's wedge sandals that you really like.

Wedge sandals: advantages and modern tendencies

Advantages of wedge sandals

First of all such shoes are comfortable. Letís add their practicality and stylishness to understand that wedge sandals are really great. The price of sandals is the most diverse, so if you want to get a new pair of shoes, you can go shopping and find the best for you.

The range will also pleasantly surprise you. Wedge sandals can be found for every taste and color, both for business meetings and casual walks. The choice is so widest that it is not difficult to be confused, so think in advance about what exactly you will wear. You can buy neutral shoes, for example, beige, black or brown, which fit any clothes. You can also choose a completely unusual shade for you and it will highlight the image. Also, women should pay attention to the decorations, which play a significant role in the design of wedge sandals.

Wedge sandals: advantages and modern tendencies

It is also should be said about relevance. Wedge sandals look gentle, stylish and elegant. Choosing a more modest color, you can wear it to work, and bright models are good for entertainments. In this case, women will remain feminine.

Manufacturers of wedge sandals use different materials that will harmoniously look with one or clothing. Do you want a shoe that never goes out of fashion? Then give preference to leather or suede sandals. If you constantly follow new trends, remember that it is fashionable to wear sandals with minimum decorations.

On sandals there is a wedge of various heights, so you can easily find the one you need. If you are the owner of long legs, you can pick up a wedge up to five centimeters, and for girls with a small height model with a sole of 5-8 centimeters will suit. But if you still want a wedge more than 10 centimeters, you should take into account that they will be not so comfortable.

Sandals on the wedge are suitable for any age; it will look beautiful on young girls, and women. It is easy to create many different looks with wedge sandals; they fit with trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts.

Wedge sandals: advantages and modern tendencies

Fashion trends

A huge number of rhinestones and thorns fade into the background. It is recommended to give preference to sandals, the wedge of which is decorated with lacing, rope braid, and straps. Women can pay attention to the fashionable sandals which are made of jeans or cotton. And one of the hits of this season is lacquer shoes. They harmoniously fit into a business style and romantic image. Depending on the height of the wedge sandals can be worn with skirts or trousers. Lacquer sandals attract attention, look festive and at the same time succinctly. For some reason, many girls are afraid that the lacquer surface may look vulgar and tasteless. Maybe such a situation appears with the rest of the kinds of shoes. But lacquer wedge sandals do not require supernatural care; they look stylish, complete the image and become the cause of pride of the owner.